Saturday 8th June 2024

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This is the web site of the Walton & Weybridge Regatta - formerly Walton Amateur Regatta. Held annually since 1862 on the River Thames in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England.

Provisional Results
(09-June-2024) Provisional results are now available from our 2024 results page. Including downloadable tabular formatted file as PDF.

(08-June-2024) Live results will be available during the regatta today from our 2024 results page or direct via RowStats.

Draw update.
(07-June-2024). Several crews have scratched over the last couple of days; could competitors and coaches please check the timetable to see whether your first race time have changed: 2024 timetable on RowStats - thank you.

Draw finalised.
(04-June-2024). The frozen timetable for the 2024 Walton and Weybridge Regatta is now available from our 2024 timetable page. Please see also the 2024 documents page for a number of documents that may be of use to competitors and officials.

(03-June-2024). BROE2 will be closed for substitutions from 7pm Friday 7 June 2024. Any further substitutions that need to be advised must be given to Regatta Registration (at the back of the Walton RC boathouse), in writing, from 7am Saturday. They will not be accepted anywhere else.
As an exceptional measure, in an emergency, they may be 'phoned to 07790 951070, this number will only be in use between 0700-1800 on Regatta day.

Draw updated.
(03-June-2024). A few minor changes have been made to the timetable (or Order of Racing). 2024 timetable on RowStats page is automatically updated. Updated pdf can be downloaded from 2024 timetable as pdf.

Draw published.
(03-June-2024). The timetable (or Order of Racing) for the 2024 Walton and Weybridge Regatta is now available to view from 2024 timetable on RowStats page, or to download from 2024 timetable as pdf.

Entries officially closed.
(30-May-2024). Entries officially closed yesterday. Because we were overwhelmed with entries and in order to keep the racing programme within 10 hours on the day, we are having to reject up to 60 crews. The process will be complete and Clubs will be informed if their entries have been accepted by Saturday, 1 June. We aim to publish the draw 2/3 June. BROE2 remains open for substitutions as the Rules of Racing allow.

Entries suspended.
(19-May-2024). BROE2 has been suspended for new entries to the regatta, as we are already oversubscribed with entries. Thank you to those clubs which have entered. BROE2 remains open for those who wish to change details of their existing entries, or indeed if they wish to withdraw before the official closing date of 29 May 2024. A reminder that only entries that have paid in full, by the official closing date above, will be considered for draw. If an event is oversubscribed, a fully paid entry does not guarantee a place in the draw. All rejected entries will be refunded in full.

Trailer restrictions.
(13-May-2024). Due to the unavailability of both Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Complex and Cowey Sale car park this year, for use by the the regatta, the Regatta Committee will only be able to host a limited number of trailers for the regatta. We still fully expect to be able to put on a full regatta schedule but may have to reject a few clubs in total due to our now, limited space for trailers which will be about 75% of our normal capacity. We will endeavour to get as many trailers in as we can, and encourage clubs to share trailers if possible.
Many thanks for the numerous entries we have received to date and please continue making entries as normal. We will endeavour to accommodate as many clubs as possible and hopefully this will only effect a few clubs. Any entries rejected due to trailer limitations will of course be refunded in full.

Entries now open.
(18-April-2024). Entries are now open on BROE2. Entries will close at 12 noon on Wednesday 29th May 2024, or earlier if oversubscribed.
The Notice of Regatta is available on our 2024 NoR page.