Saturday 8th June 2024


(Under BR Rules of Racing and in accordance with BR's Row Safe Code)

Saturday, 20th May 2023

1,000m Downstream on the River Thames.

Events: O = Open, W = Women.

Events offered for Walton & Weybridge Regatta 2023.
  Morning Afternoon
4+ 4- 4x+ 4x- 2- 2x 1x 8+ 8x+ 4- 4x+ 4x- 2- 2x 1x
Senior O W O W   O W     O W O W         O W O W  
J18           O W           O W     O W
J16       O W     O W             O W  
J15           O W         O W       O W
J14     O W       O W   O W         O W  
J13           O W         Open*        
Masters       O W O W   O W     O W O W     O W  

* J13.4x+ will be allowed with any combination of boys and girls.

ALL EVENTS will take place from stakeboats over a two-lane buoyed course and will be decided by knock-out competitions.

PRIZES: Pint tankards will be presented to winners of all events.

Events are offered in two Divisions. Competitors are welcome to enter both morning and afternoon Divisions but NO doubling-up of competitors, boats or coxes is permitted within a Division. All events may be split into Bands dependant on number and range of entries.

MASTERS EVENTS:  Masters' age classifications offered will depend on entries received and may be combined. Masters Coxed Quad Event is intended for Novice Masters who may be concerned about steering.

ENTRIES:  May only be made on-line through the British Rowing BROE2 website.
Entries will close at 1200 on Wednesday 10th May 2023.
Payment must be made by BACS (details in BROE2 through Entries Secretary) or by cheque to the Entries Secretary in favour of 'Walton and Weybridge Regatta', and posted to: ENTRIES SECRETARY, WALTON AND WEYBRIDGE REGATTA, 24 Anne Way, West Molesey, Surrey, KT8 2PT. Queries to please.

ENTRY FEES:  Eights and Octos £120, Fours (4+, 4-, 4x+, 4x-) £72, 2-/ 2x £36, and 1x £18 (no charge for coxes). Only entries that have paid in full, by the official Entries closing date above, will be considered for draw. If an event is oversubscribed, a fully paid entry does not guarantee a place in the draw. All rejected entries will be refunded in full.

The Regatta Draw and full instructions will be available here on the regatta website.

Please ensure that the contact information that appears on a Club's entries is correct and complete.

The Regatta offers a wide range of events, but is limited as to the number of races it can accommodate. Start time is planned for 08:30 with the last race off by 18:30.

The Committee therefore reserves the right to refuse entries which are incomplete, to cancel any event with insufficient entries, and to close the entry system early if capacity has been reached. In the case of what it judges to be insufficient entries for a viable event, the Committee will transfer the entry to the next higher class without reference, unless it is made clear on the entry that this is not acceptable.

If the Regatta is cancelled, then only partial refunds will be made as the Regatta needs to retain an amount to cover the unavoidable costs incurred.

[[Download this Notice of Regatta: NoR 2023 as pdf or NoR 2023 as jpeg]]