Saturday 8th June 2024

Timetable 2016

Arriving at the regatta

Trailer parking will be at the river end of Sunbury Lane opposite Walton Rowing Club. Trailers can be left there on Friday from 1600-1900 and from 0700 on Saturday. This is not a secure area and the Committee cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage. The lane MUST be vacated by 2000 on Saturday. On the day of the regatta please park towing vehicles and all other cars in the Dudley Road Rec ( OpenStreetMap ) - this will be sign-posted from the main road. No trailers to be parked in Dudley Road Rec due to the danger to other river bank users when walking boats along tow path to landing stage.

Please note the early start time of 0830 and the continuous racing at two or three minute intervals between races throughout the day. The co-operation of coaches and competitors is therefore requested to ensure crews are boated in good time to be ready to race in accordance with the timetable. In particular, boats will need to be moved rapidly on and off the landing stages to ensure the correct throughput to the start.

Crews not boating from Walton RC must arrange to collect their numbers well before their race times and have them affixed before they enter the Walton stretch. They will not be allowed to land their boats at the Walton landing stage to pick up numbers.

Crew Changes

BROE will be open for crew substitutions (50% rule) until Thursday evening. If you wish to make any changes to crews thereafter then please use our Crew Change form and hand this in to Regatta Control (at the back of Walton RC boathouse) when registering. Any outstanding entry fees should be paid by BACS or by cheque in favour of "Walton & Weybridge Regatta" and sent to The Entries Secretary before the day of the regatta.

Supporting Documents

There are various documents for use by, including a map of the course, with which all competitors should be familiar; they can be found on our 2016 documents page.

Club Gazebos

You are welcome to put up your club gazebo in the Dudley Road Rec next to the riverside railings. But PLEASE NOTE: barbeques and naked flames are not permitted.

Race order

An interactive version is available to view at:

A printed programme will be available to buy on the day which will give a tree/spider diagram of the draw for each event. Results (verdicts and times) will be posted at the finish tent, on our Results page as well as via our Twitter account.

Timetable for W & W R Saturday 21st May 2016
Race Time Event Middlesex station Surrey station Next
No. Crew No. Crew
108:30W.NOV.1X123Walton RC (Flowerdew)124Kingston Rowing Club (Skinner)09:17
208:32W.J15.2X69Guildford RC (Stenning)70Twickenham09:19
308:35W.J15.2X75Walbrook RC76Walton RC09:24
408:37W.J15.2X78Bewl Bridge (Silk)79Eton Excelsior (McCracken)09:27
508:40J15.2X57Windsor Boys School (Pilbrow)58Guildford RC (Reckord)09:37
608:43J14.4X+35Windsor Boys School (Workman)36Windsor Boys School (Hoogers)10:01
708:45W.J14.1X129Walbrook RC (Drake)130Reading RC (Cookson)10:17
808:47W.J14.1X132Walbrook RC (Ravishankar)133Twickenham RC (Piper)10:15
908:49W.J14.1X134Weybridge RC (Foulkes)135Walbrook RC (Davies)10:15
1008:51W.NOV.1X116Reading RC (Lee)117Kingston Rowing Club (Reeves)10:23
1108:53W.NOV.1X118Kingston Rowing Club (Ostlyng)119Walbrook RC (Manasova)10:23
1208:55W.NOV.1X120Walbrook RC (Conetta)121Guildford RC (Tasker)10:25
1308:57J14.1X110Christchurch RC (Thomas)111Guildford RC (Casemore)10:27
1408:59J14.1X114Bewl Bridge RC (Millington)115Guildford RC (Turner)10:29
1509:01J16.1X104Windsor Boys School (Wheatly)105Walton RC (Wilkinson)10:31
1609:03J16.1X108Christchurch RC (Cooney)109Windsor Boys School (Shaw)10:41
1709:05NOV.1X94Weybridge RC (Gray)95Reading RC (Aljabar)10:47
1809:07W.J13.2X80Reading81Walbrook RC (Dosanjh)10:53
1909:10W.J13.2X82Walton RC83Walbrook RC (Moffatt)10:53
2009:12W.J13.2X84Kingston (Frankenberger)85Walbrook RC (Singham)10:56
2109:15W.J13.2X86Kingston (Martin)87Walbrook RC (Dhillon)10:56
2209:17W.NOV.1X122Bewl Bridge RC (Hobson) Winner Race 110:25
2309:19W.J15.2X Winner Race 271Bewl Bridge (Maynard)10:58
2409:22W.J15.2X72Weybridge RC73Eton Excelsior (Donaldson)10:58
2509:24W.J15.2X74Bewl Bridge (Daviron) Winner Race 311:01
2609:27W.J15.2X77Guildford RC (Gellatly) Winner Race 411:01
2709:29J15.2X50Windsor Boys School (Fradin de La Renaudiere)51Guildford RC (Shepherd)11:16
2809:32J15.2X52Christchurch53Guildford RC (Lambert Parsons)11:16
2909:34J15.2X54Burway RC55Reading11:22
3009:37J15.2X56Staines BC Winner Race 511:22
3109:40W.J14.4X+37Weybridge RC38Surbiton High School (Cooper)11:27
3309:46W.J14.4X+41Staines BC42Walton RC11:30
3409:49W.J14.4X+43Mossbourne44Surbiton High School (Hunter)11:30
3509:52J14.4X+28Windsor Boys School (Bougourd)29St George's College11:33
3609:55J14.4X+30Windsor Boys School (Walker)31Whitgift School BC11:33
3709:58J14.4X+32Windsor Boys School (Fogg)33Mossbourne11:36
3810:01J14.4X+34Walton RC Winner Race 611:36
3910:04W.NOV.4+7Kingston Rowing Club (Rivolta)8Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Rhodes)11:14
4010:07W.NOV.4+9Reading10St George's College11:14
4110:10W.NOV.4+11Weybridge RC12Kingston Rowing Club (Wharfe)11:19
4210:13W.NOV.4+13Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Mason)14Eton Excelsior11:19
4310:15W.J14.1X Winner Race 8 Winner Race 911:53
4410:17W.J14.1X Winner Race 7131Weybridge RC (Nigrelli)11:53
4510:19W.J16.1X125Twickenham RC (Duthart)126Reading RC (Pickering)11:55
4610:21W.J16.1X127Christchurch RC (Leach)128Twickenham RC (Kennedy)11:55
4710:23W.NOV.1X Winner Race 10 Winner Race 1111:57
4810:25W.NOV.1X Winner Race 12 Winner Race 2211:57
4910:27J14.1X Winner Race 13112Walbrook RC (Spiers)11:59
5010:29J14.1X113Bournemouth Collegiate (Boland) Winner Race 1411:59
5110:31J16.1X Winner Race 15106Bournemouth Collegiate (Cavill)12:01
5210:41J16.1X107Reading RC (Iddon) Winner Race 1612:01
5310:43Mas(G/H).1x102Guildford RC (Woowat =G)103Weybridge RC (Dodds =G)12:03
5410:45NOV.1X91Walton RC (Hazell)92Eton Excelsior RC (Cowan)12:05
5510:47NOV.1X93Windsor Boys School (Simmonds) Winner Race 1712:05
5610:49Mas(D/E).1x99Tideway Scullers School (Bridger =D)100Bewl Bridge RC (Bogle =D)12:07
5710:51IM2.1X89Putney Town RC (Dearlove)90Windsor Boys School (Hunter)12:11
5810:53W.J13.2X Winner Race 18 Winner Race 1912:14
5910:56W.J13.2X Winner Race 20 Winner Race 2112:14
6010:58W.J15.2X Winner Race 23 Winner Race 2412:16
6111:01W.J15.2X Winner Race 25 Winner Race 2612:16
6211:03W.J18.2X65Berkhamsted Collegiate School BC66Mossbourne12:19
6411:08W.IM3.2X63St George's College64Gravesend RC (Grant)12:24
6511:11J13.2X60Walbrook RC61Cranmore School12:27
6611:14W.NOV.4+ Winner Race 39 Winner Race 4012:22
6711:16J15.2X Winner Race 27 Winner Race 2812:32
6811:19W.NOV.4+ Winner Race 41 Winner Race 4212:22
6911:22J15.2X Winner Race 29 Winner Race 3012:32
7011:24IM3.2X46Weybridge RC47Christchurch12:37
7111:27W.J14.4X+ Winner Race 31 Winner Race 3212:40
7211:30W.J14.4X+ Winner Race 33 Winner Race 3412:40
7311:33J14.4X+ Winner Race 35 Winner Race 3612:43
7411:36J14.4X+ Winner Race 37 Winner Race 3812:43
7511:39W.Mas(E/F).4x-26Walbrook RC (=E)27Molesey BC (=E)12:46
7611:42W.Mas(C/D).4x-23Molesey BC (=C)24Walton RC (=C)12:49
7711:45W.Mas(A/B).4x-18Guildford RC (=A)19Walton RC (=B)12:52
7811:48W.Mas(A/B).4x-20Kingston (=A)21Weybridge RC (=A)12:52
7911:51IM2.4x-16Henley17Guildford RC12:55
8011:53W.J14.1X Winner Race 44 Winner Race 43Final
8111:55W.J16.1X Winner Race 45 Winner Race 46Final
8211:57W.NOV.1X Winner Race 47 Winner Race 48Final
8311:59J14.1X Winner Race 49 Winner Race 50Final
8412:01J16.1X Winner Race 51 Winner Race 52Final
8512:03Mas(G/H).1x101Kingston Rowing Club (Dare =H) Winner Race 53Final
8612:05NOV.1X Winner Race 54 Winner Race 55Final
8712:07Mas(D/E).1x98Weybridge RC (Thomas =E) Winner Race 56Final
8812:09Mas(B/C).1x96Oxford Academicals (Marsden =B)97Walton RC (McLean =C)Final
8912:11IM2.1X88Gravesend RC (Johnson) Winner Race 57Final
9012:14W.J13.2X Winner Race 58 Winner Race 59Final
9112:16W.J15.2X Winner Race 60 Winner Race 61Final
9212:19W.J18.2X Winner Race 62 Winner Race 63Final
9312:22W.NOV.4+ Winner Race 66 Winner Race 68Final
9412:24W.IM3.2X62Gravesend RC (Maestrini) Winner Race 64Final
9512:27J13.2X59Bournemouth Collegiate Winner Race 65Final
9612:30W.IM3.8+1Surbiton High School2Lady Eleanor HollesFinal
9712:32J15.2X Winner Race 67 Winner Race 69Final
9812:35J18.2X48Walton RC49Wellington CollegeFinal
9912:37IM3.2X45Ascot/Borlase Winner Race 70Final
10012:40W.J14.4X+ Winner Race 71 Winner Race 72Final
10112:43J14.4X+ Winner Race 73 Winner Race 74Final
10212:46W.Mas(E/F).4x-25Marlow RC (=F) Winner Race 75Final
10312:49W.Mas(C/D).4x-22Weybridge Ladies (=D) Winner Race 76Final
10412:52W.Mas(A/B).4x- Winner Race 77 Winner Race 78Final
10512:55IM2.4x-15University of Surrey Winner Race 79Final
10612:58J15.4+5Whitgift School BC6Walton RCFinal
10713:01MxdMas(A).8+3Henley4Walton RCFinal
20113:20W.J18.1X270Twickenham RC (Chapman)271Mossbourne (Bernstein)13:58
20213:23W.J15.4X+193St George's College194Surbiton High School (Richards)14:50
20313:26W.J15.4X+195Twickenham196Eton Excelsior14:50
20413:29W.J15.4X+197Weybridge RC198Wellington College15:01
20513:32W.J15.4X+199Bewl Bridge200Surbiton High School (Barford)15:01
20613:34W.J15.1X275Burway RC (Lawrence)276Guildford RC (Chapman)15:05
20713:36W.J18.1X263Mossbourne (Roe)264Twickenham RC (Parr)15:07
20813:38W.J18.1X265Reading RC (Holdcroft)266Twickenham RC (Hyland)15:07
20913:40W.J18.1X267Kingston Rowing Club (Skinner)268Walbrook RC (Bradley)15:09
21013:42J15.1X255Weybridge RC (Rourke)256Walbrook RC (Levy)15:11
21113:44J15.1X259Walbrook RC (Keers)260Christchurch RC (Canelas)15:13
21213:46J18.1X253Walton RC (Pickering)254Reading RC (Aljabar)15:17
21313:48W.J14.2X237Weybridge RC (Hodge)238Christchurch15:21
21413:51W.J14.2X239Reading (Thornton)240Walton RC15:21
21513:53W.J14.2X241Weybridge RC (Craig)242Staines BC15:24
21613:56W.J14.2X243Reading (Brown)244Weybridge RC (Jacob)15:24
21713:58W.J18.1X269Walton RC (Denham) Winner Race 20115:09
21814:00W.NOV.2X223Walton RC (Vassallo)224Kingston15:29
21914:03W.NOV.2X227Molesey BC228Walton RC (Welch)15:31
22014:05J14.2X215Guildford RC (Turner)216Staines BC (McLaughlin)15:36
22114:08J14.2X217Guildford RC (Denton)218Guildford RC (Hart)15:36
22214:10J14.2X219Weybridge RC220Guildford RC (Venables)15:39
22314:13J14.2X221Staines BC (Holloway)222Guildford RC (Wells)15:39
22414:15NOV.2X201University of Surrey (Chetland)202Whitgift School BC15:41
22514:18NOV.2X205University of Surrey (Grassom)206Eastbourne College BC15:44
22614:21J13.4X+187Cranmore School (CRANMORE)188Kingston Rowing Club (Plunkett)15:52
22714:24J13.4X+191Cranmore School (DANES HILL)192Kingston Rowing Club (Frankenberger)15:55
22814:27J15.4X+181Walton RC182Windsor Boys School (Howse)15:58
22914:30J15.4X+185Guildford RC186Windsor Boys School (Wood)16:01
23014:33W.IM3.4+170Eton Excelsior171Walton RC16:07
23114:36W.IM3.4+174Gravesend RC175Henley16:10
23214:39IM3.4+168Windsor Boys School169Staines BC16:16
23314:43W.J14.8x+159Surbiton High School (Mustafa)160St George's College BC (Faber)16:20
23414:47W.J14.8x+163Surbiton High School (Hunter)164St George's College BC (Shaw)16:24
23514:50W.J15.4X+ Winner Race 202 Winner Race 20316:38
23615:01W.J15.4X+ Winner Race 204 Winner Race 20516:38
23715:03W.J15.1X272Guildford RC (Stenning)273Walton RC (Poole)16:40
23815:05W.J15.1X274Guildford RC (Worthington) Winner Race 20616:40
23915:07W.J18.1X Winner Race 207 Winner Race 20816:42
24015:09W.J18.1X Winner Race 209 Winner Race 21716:42
24115:11J15.1X Winner Race 210257Reading RC (Fraser-Urquhart)16:46
24215:13J15.1X258Christchurch RC (Silverwood) Winner Race 21116:46
24315:15J18.1X250Eton Excelsior RC (Cowan)251Bewl Bridge RC (Murray)16:48
24415:17J18.1X252Twickenham RC (Hellel) Winner Race 21216:48
24515:19IM1.1X246Guildford RC (Warden)247LVS Ascot Boat Club (Grimster)17:00
24615:21W.J14.2X Winner Race 213 Winner Race 21417:02
24715:24W.J14.2X Winner Race 215 Winner Race 21617:02
24815:26W.J16.2X235Staines BC236Bewl Bridge17:05
24915:29W.NOV.2X Winner Race 218225Walton RC (Philpott)17:10
25015:31W.NOV.2X226Eton Excelsior Winner Race 21917:10
25115:34W.Mas(C/D/E).2x232Walton RC (=C)233Weybridge RC (Eggleton =D)17:12
25215:36J14.2X Winner Race 220 Winner Race 22117:15
25315:39J14.2X Winner Race 222 Winner Race 22317:15
25415:41NOV.2X Winner Race 224203Reading17:20
25515:44NOV.2X204Molesey BC Winner Race 22517:20
25615:46Mas(D/E).2x211Bewl Bridge/Walton (=D)212Christchurch (=D)17:22
25715:49Mas(B/C).2x208Walton RC (=C)209Itchen Imperial (=C)17:25
25815:52J13.4X+ Winner Race 226189Bournemouth Collegiate17:28
25915:55J13.4X+190Walbrook RC Winner Race 22717:28
26015:58J15.4X+ Winner Race 228183Whitgift School BC17:31
26116:01J15.4X+184Bewl Bridge Winner Race 22917:31
26216:04W.Mas(C/D).4+177Molesey BC (=C)178Weybridge RC (=D)17:37
26316:07W.IM3.4+ Winner Race 230172Weybridge Ladies17:40
26416:10W.IM3.4+173Kingston Winner Race 23117:40
26516:13IM3.4+165St George's College166Walton RC17:43
26616:16IM3.4+167Whitgift School BC Winner Race 23217:43
26716:20W.J14.8x+ Winner Race 233161Eton Excelsior17:47
26816:24W.J14.8x+162Weybridge RC Winner Race 23417:47
26916:28J14.8X155St George's College156Windsor Boys School17:51
27016:32J14.8X157Walton RC158Whitgift School BC17:51
27116:35W.NOV.8+153Staines BC154Lady Eleanor Holles17:54
27216:38W.J15.4X+ Winner Race 235 Winner Race 236Final
27316:40W.J15.1X Winner Race 237 Winner Race 238Final
27416:42W.J18.1X Winner Race 239 Winner Race 240Final
27516:44W.IM3.1X261Kingston Rowing Club (Storen)262Guildford RC (Rowland)Final
27616:46J15.1X Winner Race 241 Winner Race 242Final
27716:48J18.1X Winner Race 243 Winner Race 244Final
27816:50IM3.1X248Windsor Boys School (Macklin)249Windsor Boys School (Lyons)Final
27917:00IM1.1X245Putney Town RC (Dearlove) Winner Race 245Final
28017:02W.J14.2X Winner Race 246 Winner Race 247Final
28117:05W.J16.2X234Weybridge RC Winner Race 248Final
28217:07W.Mas(A).2x229Guildford RC230KingstonFinal
28317:10W.NOV.2X Winner Race 249 Winner Race 250Final
28417:12W.Mas(C/D/E).2x231Weybridge RC (Sarsby =E) Winner Race 251Final
28517:15J14.2X Winner Race 252 Winner Race 253Final
28617:17J16.2X213Eton Excelsior214Staines BCFinal
28717:20NOV.2X Winner Race 254 Winner Race 255Final
28817:22Mas(D/E).2x210Walbrook RC (=E) Winner Race 256Final
28917:25Mas(B/C).2x207Guildford RC (=B) Winner Race 257Final
29017:28J13.4X+ Winner Race 258 Winner Race 259Final
29117:31J15.4X+ Winner Race 260 Winner Race 261Final
29217:34IM3 4x-179Henley180Molesey BCFinal
29317:37W.Mas(C/D).4+176Marlow RC (=D) Winner Race 262Final
29417:40W.IM3.4+ Winner Race 263 Winner Race 264Final
29517:43IM3.4+ Winner Race 265 Winner Race 266Final
29617:47W.J14.8x+ Winner Race 267 Winner Race 268Final
29717:51J14.8X Winner Race 269 Winner Race 270Final
29817:54W.NOV.8+152Kingston Winner Race 271Final
29917:57NOV.8+150Kingston151St George's CollegeFinal
If you have any questions or queries about the Draw, please e-mail our Entries Secretary. Thanks!