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Timetable 2010

Crew Changes

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Timetable for W & W R Saturday 22nd May 2010
Race Time Event No. Middlesex station No. Surrey station Next
109:00N.4+50Weybridge RC51Surrey Uni Batten09:44
209:04N.4+53Kingston RC54Bryanston Sch. Rowe09:48
309:08N.4+56Whitgift School57Brunel Uni.09:52
409:12N.4+59Eton Excelsior60Guildford09:56
509:16J15.2x79Weybridge RC Ballard80Whitgift School Middleton10:06
609:20J15.2x82St Georges Col. Bryant83Ardingly RC Frost10:09
709:24J15.2x84Kingston RC85Charterhouse Webb10:12
809:28J15.2x87Walb & Tedd Schs88Ardingly RC Minall10:15
909:32J15.2x89Magdalen Col. Sch.90Walton10:15
1009:36W.IM3.4+6St Georges Col.7Gravesend Beechem11:00
1109:40W.N.2x43Royal Holloway44Staines BC11:30
1209:44N.4+49Bryanston Sch. Hughes Winner Race 111:33
1309:48N.4+52Eastbourne Col. Winner Race 211:33
1409:52N.4+55Gravesend Winner Race 311:36
1509:56N.4+58Surrey Uni Wonnacott Winner Race 411:36
1610:00J14.4x+62Tideway SS63Whitgift School11:39
1710:03J14.4x+65Kingston RC66St Georges Col.11:42
1810:06J15.2x78Bryanston Sch. Winner Race 511:54
1910:09J15.2x81Charterhouse Foulston Winner Race 611:54
2010:12J15.2x Winner Race 786Kings Sch Rochester11:57
2110:15J15.2x Winner Race 8 Winner Race 911:57
2210:18W.N.1x96Staines BC Cullis97Twickenham Holloway12:03
2310:21W.J14.2x102Weybridge Ladies103Tideway SS Bannenberg12:09
2410:24W.J14.2x105St Georges Col.106Staines BC Cackett12:12
2510:27W.J15.1x126Weybridge RC Morris127Bewl Bridge Richards12:33
2610:30W.J15.1x129Kings Sch Rochester Nicholls130Weybridge RC Dailey12:36
2710:33J15.1x132Ardingly RC Frost133Staines BC Pettitt12:39
2810:36J15.1x134Walb & Tedd Schs Ward135Bryanston Sch. Briggs12:42
2910:39J15.1x136Kings Sch Rochester Hall137Ardingly RC Field12:42
3010:42W.J14.1x153Weybridge Ladies Thean154Tideway SS Budgett14:03
3110:45W.J14.1x156Tideway SS Cole157Tideway SS Behan14:06
3210:48J15.4x+163Magdalen Col. Sch.164St Georges Col. Defaux14:15
3310:51J15.4x+165Walb & Tedd Schs166Whitgift School14:18
3410:54J15.4x+167Walton168St Georges Col. Bryant14:18
3510:57W.IM3.4+3Guildford4Gravesend Cassidy14:34
3611:00W.IM3.4+5Walbrook/Wey/MBC Winner Race 1014:34
3711:03J14.8x10St Georges Col. Phillips11Kingston GS Selimi14:42
3811:06J14.8x12St Georges Col. O'Carroll13Kingston GS Stuart14:42
3911:09IM3.2x19Weybridge RC20Wey RC/Guildford14:54
4011:12W.J14.4x+25Tideway SS26St Georges Col.15:06
4111:15W.J14.4x+27Weybridge Ladies28Kingston RC15:06
4211:18N.2x30Walton31St Georges Col.15:10
4311:21W.N.4+32Surrey Uni Stedman33Gravesend15:14
4411:24W.N.4+34Kingston RC35St Georges Col.15:14
4511:27W.N.2x40Weybridge RC41Eton Excelsior15:26
4611:30W.N.2x42Surrey Uni Winner Race 1115:26
4711:33N.4+ Winner Race 12 Winner Race 1315:38
4811:36N.4+ Winner Race 14 Winner Race 1515:38
4911:39J14.4x+61Walton Winner Race 1615:42
5011:42J14.4x+64Magdalen Col. Sch. Winner Race 1715:42
5111:45J16.2x68Kings Sch Rochester69Weybridge RC16:15
5211:48Mas.N.2x71Walton Gaywood72Eton Excelsior16:19
5311:51W.J15.2x76Staines BC Auton77Walton16:27
5411:54J15.2x Winner Race 18 Winner Race 1916:31
5511:57J15.2x Winner Race 20 Winner Race 2116:31
5612:00W.N.1x93St Georges Col. O'Neill94Staines BC Seary16:39
5712:03W.N.1x95Staines BC Blarney Winner Race 2216:39
5812:06IM3.1x99Christchurch Standley100Staines BC Frost16:43
5912:09W.J14.2x101Tideway SS Harned Winner Race 2316:47
6012:12W.J14.2x104Tideway SS Cole Winner Race 2416:47
6112:15J13.4x+107Kingston RC108Cranmore Sch.16:51
6212:18J13.4x+109Tideway SS110Walton16:51
6312:21W.J.1x112Bryanston Sch. Rafferty113Bewl Bridge Powley16:55
6412:24W.IM3.8o117Twickenham118Kingston RC Line17:03
6512:27J14.2x120Bewl B/Maidstone I121Walton17:07
6612:30W.IM3.1x123London Uni. Carpenter124Christchurch Standley17:11
6712:33W.J15.1x125Staines BC Horan Winner Race 2517:15
6812:36W.J15.1x128St Georges Col. Minerva Winner Race 2617:15
6912:39J15.1x131Magdalen Col. Sch. Isherwood Winner Race 2717:19
7012:42J15.1x Winner Race 28 Winner Race 2917:19
7112:45Mas.N.1x138Thames RC Powell139Walton Knight17:23
7212:48Mas.N.1x140Gravesend Smith141Henley Thomas17:23
7312:51J13.2x143Tideway SS Anderson144Walton17:27
7412:54N.1x145Brunel Uni. Stehr146BTC (Southampton) Harrison17:31
7512:57N.1x147Walton Wilson148Wallingford Gurner17:31
7714:03W.J14.1x152Tideway SS Browne Winner Race 3017:39
7814:06W.J14.1x155Tideway SS Bannenberg Winner Race 3117:39
7914:09J14.1x158Staines BC Matheson159Ardingly RC Salmon17:43
8014:12J14.1x160Gravesend Johnson161Walton Gaywood17:43
8114:15J15.4x+162Charterhouse Winner Race 3217:47
8214:18J15.4x+ Winner Race 33 Winner Race 3417:47
8314:21Mas.4x-169Eton Excelsior (E)170Bewl Bridge (D)17:51
8414:24Mas.4x-171KGS Veterans (D)172Walton (D)17:51
8514:27J.4x-176Walton177Wey RC/Guildford17:59
8614:30W.J15.4+1Sir William Perkins2St Georges Col.Final
8714:34W.IM3.4+ Winner Race 35 Winner Race 36Final
8814:38IM3.8o8St Georges Col.9Kingston RCFinal
8914:42J14.8x Winner Race 37 Winner Race 38Final
9014:46W.IM2.4-14Walton15St Georges Col.Final
9114:50W.J15.4x+16Kingston RC17St Georges Col.Final
9214:54IM3.2x18Walton Winner Race 39Final
9314:58W.Mas.4x-21Molesey BC (D)22Weybridge Ladies (C)Final
9415:02IM3.4+23Kingston RC24Gravesend/MedwayFinal
9515:06W.J14.4x+ Winner Race 40 Winner Race 41Final
9615:10N.2x29Surrey Uni Winner Race 42Final
9715:14W.N.4+ Winner Race 43 Winner Race 44Final
9915:22Mas.2x38Walton (D)39KGS Veterans (D)Final
10015:26W.N.2x Winner Race 45 Winner Race 46Final
10115:30J.2x45Weybridge RC Needham46Kings Sch RochesterFinal
10215:34W.J16.2x47Walton48Staines BC HoranFinal
10315:38N.4+ Winner Race 47 Winner Race 48Final
10415:42J14.4x+ Winner Race 49 Winner Race 50Final
10516:15J16.2x67St Georges Col. Winner Race 51Final
10616:19Mas.N.2x70Walton Tomalin Winner Race 52Final
10716:23W.J.2x73Walton74Bewl BridgeFinal
10816:27W.J15.2x75Kings Sch Rochester Winner Race 53Final
10916:31J15.2x Winner Race 54 Winner Race 55Final
11016:35IM2.2-91Walton92Bryanston Sch.Final
11116:39W.N.1x Winner Race 56 Winner Race 57Final
11216:43IM3.1x98Gravesend Johnson Winner Race 58Final
11316:47W.J14.2x Winner Race 59 Winner Race 60Final
11416:51J13.4x+ Winner Race 61 Winner Race 62Final
11516:55W.J.1x111Bewl Bridge Craig Winner Race 63Final
11616:59J.1x114Charterhouse Davies115Kings Sch Rochester McLarneyFinal
11717:03W.IM3.8o116Kingston RC Stuart Winner Race 64Final
11817:07J14.2x119Kingston RC Winner Race 65Final
11917:11W.IM3.1x122Weybridge RC Shaw Winner Race 66Final
12017:15W.J15.1x Winner Race 67 Winner Race 68Final
12117:19J15.1x Winner Race 69 Winner Race 70Final
12217:23Mas.N.1x Winner Race 71 Winner Race 72Final
12317:27J13.2x142Marlow Winner Race 73Final
12417:31N.1x Winner Race 74 Winner Race 75Final
12517:35W.IM2.8o149Walbrook/Wey/MBC Winner Race 76Final
12617:39W.J14.1x Winner Race 77 Winner Race 78Final
12717:43J14.1x Winner Race 79 Winner Race 80Final
12817:47J15.4x+ Winner Race 81 Winner Race 82Final
12917:51Mas.4x- Winner Race 83 Winner Race 84Final
13017:55S.1x173BTC (Southampton) Gromniak174Burway BarrettFinal
13117:59J.4x-175St Georges Col. Winner Race 85Final

The timetable is currently only available in a spreadsheet format, this can be downloaded using the links below:
2010 draw timetable spreadsheet - Microsoft Excel 97,
2010 draw timetable spreadsheet - OpenDocument Spreadsheet, or
2010 draw timetable spreadsheet - pdf formats.

There are various documents for use by competitors.
Map of the course, Risk Assessment document, and Safety Rules, Procedures and Instructions to Competitors.

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