Saturday 8th June 2019

Timetable 2011

The draw for Walton & Weybridge Regatta 2011 took place on Sunday 15th May 2011.

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Draw Statement

The change made this year to dividing the day into two divisions has yielded a record number of entries. Unfortunately it would be impossible to schedule the associated number of races for such a large number of competitors.

Regrettably this has meant that the Committee has had to make some difficult decisions in order to reduce the number of events to a manageable number. The starting point for this was to remove all events with five or fewer entries. This did, however, leave some spare capacity for the Committee to put back in some races at their discretion.

We are very sorry for any disappointment the cancellation of some events may have caused.

Please note, to schedule 212 races, racing will start at 0800 and will be timetabled at 2 or 3 minute intervals.

Crews not boating from Walton RC must arrange to collect their numbers well before their race times and have them affixed before they enter the Walton stretch. They will not be allowed to land their boats at the Walton landing stage to pick up numbers.

Please also note: outstanding entry fees should be paid by cheque in favour of "Walton & Weybridge Regatta" and sent to The Entries Secretary, WWR , 24 Anne Way Molesey Surrey KT8 2PT - not to the address shown on the poster."

If, after having read our Draw Statement above, you have any questions or queries about the Draw, please e-mail our Entries Secretary. Thanks!

Crew Changes

If you wish to make any changes to crews, please use our Crew Change form. When complete, forms should be emailed to our Entries Secretary.

Timetable for W & W R Saturday 21nd May 2011
Race Time Event No. Middlesex station No. Surrey station Next
108:00W.J14.4x+48Staines BC49Kingston GS - Evers08:51
208:03W.J14.4x+52Weybridge RC53Surbiton High Sch. - Toyn08:54
308:06W.J14.4x+55LEH - Kumar56Walton08:57
408:09J15.2x65Ardingly RC66Whitgift School - Melbourne09:15
508:12J15.2x69Bryanston Sch.70St Georges Col. - O'Carroll09:18
608:15J15.2x72St Georges Col. - Harris73Whitgift School - Goodbody09:21
708:18J14.4x+44Weybridge RC45Kingston RC09:09
808:21J16.1x112Marlow - Blore113Walb & Tedd Schs - Whitbread09:42
908:24Mas.4x-25Ardingly RC [D]26Walton [E]10:57
1008:27Mas.4x-27Burway [E]28Molesey BC [D]10:57
1108:30Mas.4x-29Ardingly RC [C]30Walbrook [C]11:00
1208:33Mas.4x-31Bewl Bridge [D]32Christchurch [C]11:00
1308:36W.J15.2x74Walton - Watt75Walb & Tedd Schs11:27
1408:39W.J15.2x76Burway77St Georges Col.11:27
1508:42W.J15.2x78Kingston RC79Walton - Dent11:30
1608:45W.J15.2x80Maidstone Invicta - Maunsell81Ardingly RC11:30
1708:48W.J14.4x+46Surbiton High Sch. - Burdess47Kingston RC - Wieland11:55
1808:51W.J14.4x+ Winner Race 150LEH - Elliott11:55
1908:54W.J14.4x+51Weybridge Ladies - Willams Winner Race 211:58
2008:57W.J14.4x+54Kingston GS - Dodds Winner Race 311:58
2109:00J14.4x+37Bryanston Sch. - Evans38Magdalen Col. Sch.11:15
2209:03J14.4x+39Walton40Whitgift School - Kearns11:15
2309:06J14.4x+41Bryanston Sch. - Head42Whitgift School - Cook11:18
2409:09J14.4x+43Tiffin School Winner Race 711:18
2509:12J15.2x63Walton64St Georges Col. - Green12:01
2609:15J15.2x Winner Race 467Kingston RC12:01
2709:18J15.2x68St Neots Winner Race 512:04
2809:21J15.2x71Maidstone Invicta - Porter Winner Race 612:04
2909:24W.J13.2x82Surbiton High Sch. - Wilman83Sir William Perkins - Dawson11:33
3009:27W.J13.2x84Tideway SS85Walton - Houska11:33
3109:30W.J13.2x86Walton - Catlin87Weybridge RC11:36
3209:33W.J13.2x88Sir William Perkins - Sharma89Weybridge Ladies11:36
3309:36J16.1x105Walton - Bolding106Marlow - Glenister11:43
3409:38J16.1x107Weybridge RC - Foulkes108Tideway SS - McLeod11:43
3509:40J16.1x109Tideway SS - Shea110Staines BC - Pettitt11:45
3609:42J16.1x111Whitgift School - Mehta Winner Race 811:45
3709:44IM3.1x99Tideway SS - Cross100Walton - Shire11:39
3809:46IM3.1x101Tideway SS - Sherwen102Brunel Uni. - Skinner11:41
3909:48IM3.1x103Surrey Uni - Mee104Tiffin School - Beedham11:41
4009:50W.J14.1x121Weybridge RC - Cole122Surbiton High Sch. - Kim11:51
4109:52W.J14.1x123Bewl Bridge - de Ryke124Tideway SS - Budgett11:53
4209:54W.J14.1x125Tideway SS - Bannenberg126Maidstone Invicta - McConchie11:53
4309:57N.8o2Kingston GS3St Georges Col.10:45
4410:00N.8o5Walton6Surrey Uni10:48
4510:03IM2.4+10Bryanston Sch.11St Georges Col.10:51
4610:06IM2.4+13Trinity College (Ox)14Guildford10:54
4710:09N.2x58Surrey Uni59Weybridge RC11:21
4810:12N.2x61Kingston RC62Royal Holloway11:24
4910:15J14.1x115Staines BC - Tate116Tideway SS - Rodd11:47
5010:18J14.1x118St Georges Col. - Harker119Tideway SS - Williams11:49
5110:21J15.4+18Magdalen Col. Sch.19Bryanston Sch.11:06
5310:27W.J16.4x-33Walton34Bewl Bridge12:10
5410:30W.J16.4x-35Kingston RC36Walb & Tedd Schs12:10
5510:33Mas.1x (DE)90Burway - Woodward [D]91Ardingly RC - Vincent [E]12:13
5610:36Mas.1x (DE)92Walton - Groom [D]93Cambridge City - Tollett [E]12:13
5710:39Mas.1x (FG)94Guildford - Woowat [F]95Ardingly RC - Andrews [F]12:16
5810:42Mas.1x (FG)96Walton - Havins-Caddick [G]97Eton Excelsior - Hopkins [F]12:16
5910:45N.8o1Kingston RC Winner Race 4312:19
6010:48N.8o4Radley College Winner Race 4412:19
6110:51IM2.4+9Twickenham Winner Race 4512:22
6210:54IM2.4+12Surrey Uni Winner Race 4612:22
6310:57Mas.4x- Winner Race 9 Winner Race 1012:31
6411:00Mas.4x- Winner Race 11 Winner Race 1212:31
6511:03J15.4+15St Georges Col. - Lauber16Kingston GS12:25
6611:06J15.4+17St Georges Col. - Tveit Winner Race 5112:25
6711:09IM1.4-20Thames Trades.21Cygnet RC12:28
6811:12IM1.4-22St Georges Col. Winner Race 5212:28
6911:15J14.4x+ Winner Race 21 Winner Race 2212:52
7011:18J14.4x+ Winner Race 23 Winner Race 2412:52
7111:21N.2x57Twickenham Winner Race 4712:34
7211:24N.2x60Marlow Winner Race 4812:34
7311:27W.J15.2x Winner Race 13 Winner Race 1412:37
7411:30W.J15.2x Winner Race 15 Winner Race 1612:37
7511:33W.J13.2x Winner Race 29 Winner Race 3012:40
7611:36W.J13.2x Winner Race 31 Winner Race 3212:40
7711:39IM3.1x98Guildford - Sadler Winner Race 3712:43
7811:41IM3.1x Winner Race 38 Winner Race 3912:43
7911:43J16.1x Winner Race 33 Winner Race 3413:01
8011:45J16.1x Winner Race 35 Winner Race 3613:01
8111:47J14.1x114St Georges Col. - Vardal Winner Race 4912:46
8211:49J14.1x117St Georges Col. - Williamson Winner Race 5012:46
8311:51W.J14.1x120Tideway SS - Harned Winner Race 4012:49
8411:53W.J14.1x Winner Race 41 Winner Race 4212:49
8511:55W.J14.4x+ Winner Race 17 Winner Race 1812:55
8611:58W.J14.4x+ Winner Race 19 Winner Race 2012:55
8712:01J15.2x Winner Race 25 Winner Race 2612:58
8812:04J15.2x Winner Race 27 Winner Race 2812:58
8912:07W.N.8o7Kingston RC8Imperial Col.Final
9012:10W.J16.4x- Winner Race 53 Winner Race 54Final
9112:13Mas.1x (DE) Winner Race 55 Winner Race 56Final
9212:16Mas.1x (FG) Winner Race 57 Winner Race 58Final
9312:19N.8o Winner Race 59 Winner Race 60Final
9412:22IM2.4+ Winner Race 61 Winner Race 62Final
9512:25J15.4+ Winner Race 65 Winner Race 66Final
9612:28IM1.4- Winner Race 67 Winner Race 68Final
9712:31Mas.4x- Winner Race 63 Winner Race 64Final
9812:34N.2x Winner Race 71 Winner Race 72Final
9912:37W.J15.2x Winner Race 73 Winner Race 74Final
10012:40W.J13.2x Winner Race 75 Winner Race 76Final
10112:43IM3.1x Winner Race 77 Winner Race 78Final
10212:46J14.1x Winner Race 81 Winner Race 82Final
10312:49W.J14.1x Winner Race 83 Winner Race 84Final
10412:52J14.4x+ Winner Race 69 Winner Race 70Final
10512:55W.J14.4x+ Winner Race 85 Winner Race 86Final
10612:58J15.2x Winner Race 87 Winner Race 88Final
10713:01J16.1x Winner Race 79 Winner Race 80Final
10813:31N.1x226Gravesend - Smith227Twickenham - Latimer15:37
10913:33N.1x228Tiffin School - Teh229Marlow - Gurney15:39
11013:35N.1x230Brunel Uni. - Stainer231Charterhouse - Webb15:39
11113:37N.1x233Kingston RC - Taylor234Surrey Uni - Parsons15:41
11213:39N.1x235Twickenham - Dorling236Surrey Uni - Kelly15:43
11313:41N.1x237Charterhouse - Goetz238Royal Holloway - Johnson15:43
11413:43W.J14.2x207Surbiton High Sch. - Batchelor208Tideway SS - Harned15:25
11513:46W.J14.2x210Staines BC - Tench211Maidstone Invicta15:28
11613:49W.J14.2x213Surbiton High Sch. - McDonald214Tideway SS - Budgett15:31
11713:52W.J14.2x216Staines BC - Romp217Surbiton High Sch. - Scott15:34
11813:55J15.1x240Charterhouse - Ashworth241Walb & Tedd Schs - Peacock15:45
11913:57J15.1x243Charterhouse - Holland244Gravesend - Johnson15:47
12013:59J15.1x246Charterhouse - Leysen247Marlow - Tebb15:49
12114:01J15.1x249Tideway SS - Burch250Weybridge RC - Wallis15:51
12214:04J16.2x204Bewl Bridge205Magdalen Col. Sch.14:46
12314:07W.Mas.2x (CD)189Walton - Cornell [C]190Tideway SS [C]16:57
12414:10W.Mas.2x (CD)191Eton Excelsior - Johnson [C]192Walbrook [C]16:57
12514:13W.Mas.2x (CD)193Kingston RC [C]194Walton - Cosgrove [C]17:00
12614:16W.Mas.2x (CD)195Falcon RC [C]196Gravesend [D]17:00
12714:19J15.4x+159Charterhouse160Tiffin School16:33
12814:22J15.4x+161Walton162Whitgift School - Goodbody16:36
12914:25J15.4x+163Maidstone Invicta164Kingston RC16:36
13014:28W.J13.4x+166Surbiton High Sch. - Blyth167Sir William Perkins - Yetman16:39
13114:31W.J13.4x+168Tiffin School169Sir William Perkins - Higham16:42
13214:34W.J13.4x+170Sir William Perkins - Spencer171Surbiton High Sch. - Morrison16:42
13314:37J16.2x197Weybridge RC198Marlow17:03
13414:40J16.2x199Bryanston Sch.200Tiffin School17:03
13514:43J16.2x201Walton202Tideway SS17:06
13614:46J16.2x203Walb & Tedd Schs Winner Race 12217:06
13714:49IM1.1x219Surrey Uni - Mee220Eton Excelsior - Birdsey17:09
13814:52IM1.1x221Gravesend - Johnson222Twickenham - Nelson17:12
13914:55IM1.1x223Walton - Wedlake224Tideway SS - Nottidge17:12
14014:58W.N.4+144Walbrook145Kingston RC16:27
14115:01W.N.4+147Twickenham148Kings Sch Cant.16:30
14215:04IM3.2x173Tideway SS174Surrey Uni - Epps16:45
14315:07IM3.2x176Twickenham177Surrey Uni - Elton16:48
14415:10Mas.2x (CD)179Burway [D]180Ardingly RC - Radosevic [D]16:51
14515:13Mas.2x (CD)182Ardingly RC - Phillips [D]183Bewl Bridge [C]16:54
14615:16N.4+141Surrey Uni142Kingston RC16:03
14715:19Mas.4- (CD)152Molesey BC [D]153Guildford [C]16:09
14815:22Mas.2x (EF)187Upper Thames RC [E]188Ardingly RC [E]16:21
14915:25W.J14.2x206Surbiton High Sch. - Burdess Winner Race 11417:15
15015:28W.J14.2x209Surbiton High Sch. - Hill Winner Race 11517:15
15115:31W.J14.2x212Weybridge RC Winner Race 11617:18
15215:34W.J14.2x215Ardingly RC Winner Race 11717:18
15315:37N.1x225Surrey Uni - Sillitoe Winner Race 10817:21
15415:39N.1x Winner Race 109 Winner Race 11017:21
15515:41N.1x232Marlow - Pimlott Winner Race 11117:24
15615:43N.1x Winner Race 112 Winner Race 11317:24
15715:45J15.1x239Weybridge RC - Jeffries Winner Race 11817:27
15815:47J15.1x242Staines BC - Matheson Winner Race 11917:27
15915:49J15.1x245Tiffin School - Bazalgette Winner Race 12017:30
16015:51J15.1x248Charterhouse - Figi Winner Race 12117:30
16115:54IM2.8o127Bryanston Sch.128St Georges Col. - Defaux17:39
16215:57IM2.8o129St Georges Col. - Maloney130Thames Trades.17:39
16316:00N.4+138Twickenham139St Georges Col.17:48
16416:03N.4+140Trinity College (Ox) Winner Race 14617:48
16516:06Mas.4- (CD)149Walton [D]150Marlow [D]17:54
16616:09Mas.4- (CD)151Ardingly RC [C] Winner Race 14717:54
16716:12Mas.4- (FGH)154Weybridge RC [H]155Walbrook - Youd [F]17:45
16816:15Mas.4- (FGH)156Walbrook - Jessop [F]157Molesey BC [H]17:45
16916:18Mas.2x (EF)184Eton Excelsior [E]185BTC (Southampton) [F]18:09
17016:21Mas.2x (EF)186Tideway SS [E] Winner Race 14818:09
17116:24J14.8x+134Tiffin School135Kingston GS17:42
17216:27W.N.4+143Staines BC - Wells Winner Race 14017:51
17316:30W.N.4+146Staines BC - Webb Winner Race 14117:51
17416:33J15.4x+158Bryanston Sch. Winner Race 12717:57
17516:36J15.4x+ Winner Race 128 Winner Race 12917:57
17616:39W.J13.4x+165Walton Winner Race 13018:00
17716:42W.J13.4x+ Winner Race 131 Winner Race 13218:00
17816:45IM3.2x172Walton Winner Race 14218:03
17916:48IM3.2x175Guildford Winner Race 14318:03
18016:51Mas.2x (CD)178Walton - Groom [D] Winner Race 14418:06
18116:54Mas.2x (CD)181Christchurch [C] Winner Race 14518:06
18216:57W.Mas.2x (CD) Winner Race 123 Winner Race 12418:12
18317:00W.Mas.2x (CD) Winner Race 125 Winner Race 12618:12
18417:03J16.2x Winner Race 133 Winner Race 13418:18
18517:06J16.2x Winner Race 135 Winner Race 13618:18
18617:09IM1.1x218Walton - Wilson Winner Race 13718:15
18717:12IM1.1x Winner Race 138 Winner Race 13918:15
18817:15W.J14.2x Winner Race 149 Winner Race 15018:21
18917:18W.J14.2x Winner Race 151 Winner Race 15218:21
19017:21N.1x Winner Race 153 Winner Race 15418:24
19117:24N.1x Winner Race 155 Winner Race 15618:24
19217:27J15.1x Winner Race 157 Winner Race 15818:27
19317:30J15.1x Winner Race 159 Winner Race 16018:27
19417:33W.IM2.8o131Weybridge RC132St Georges Col.Final
19517:36W.J14.8x+136St Georges Col.137LEHFinal
19617:39IM2.8o Winner Race 161 Winner Race 162Final
19717:42J14.8x+133Whitgift School Winner Race 171Final
19817:45Mas.4- (FGH) Winner Race 167 Winner Race 168Final
19917:48N.4+ Winner Race 163 Winner Race 164Final
20017:51W.N.4+ Winner Race 172 Winner Race 173Final
20117:54Mas.4- (CD) Winner Race 165 Winner Race 166Final
20217:57J15.4x+ Winner Race 174 Winner Race 175Final
20318:00W.J13.4x+ Winner Race 176 Winner Race 177Final
20418:03IM3.2x Winner Race 178 Winner Race 179Final
20518:06Mas.2x (CD) Winner Race 180 Winner Race 181Final
20618:09Mas.2x (EF) Winner Race 169 Winner Race 170Final
20718:12W.Mas.2x (CD) Winner Race 182 Winner Race 183Final
20818:15IM1.1x Winner Race 186 Winner Race 187Final
20918:18J16.2x Winner Race 184 Winner Race 185Final
21018:21W.J14.2x Winner Race 188 Winner Race 189Final
21118:24N.1x Winner Race 190 Winner Race 191Final
21218:27J15.1x Winner Race 192 Winner Race 193Final

The timetable is currently only available in a spreadsheet format, this can be downloaded using the links below:
2011 draw timetable spreadsheet - Microsoft Excel 97,
2011 draw timetable spreadsheet - OpenDocument Spreadsheet, or
2011 draw timetable spreadsheet - pdf formats.

There are various documents for use by competitors.
Map of the course, Risk Assessment document, and Safety Rules, Procedures and Instructions to Competitors.

The "OpenDocument" formats above can be opened and edited using the free OpenOffice suite available from

The Abobe Acrobat viewer can be downloaded by clicking the following link. Download Acrobat reader from Adobe web site.