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Timetable 2012

The draw for Walton & Weybridge Regatta 2012 took place on Monday 21st May 2012.

The timetable is available in a spreadsheet format, this can be downloaded using the links below:
2012 draw timetable spreadsheet - Microsoft Excel 97,
2012 draw timetable spreadsheet - OpenDocument Spreadsheet, or
2012 draw timetable spreadsheet - pdf formats.


Crews not boating from Walton RC must arrange to collect their numbers well before their race times and have them affixed before they enter the Walton stretch. They will not be allowed to land their boats at the Walton landing stage to pick up numbers.

Please also note: outstanding entry fees should be paid by cheque in favour of "Walton & Weybridge Regatta" and sent to The Entries Secretary, WWR, 32 Holme Chase, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0BZ or handed in at Control Commission when registering.

If you have any questions or queries about the Draw, please e-mail our Entries Secretary. Thanks!

Crew Changes

If you wish to make any changes to crews, please use our Crew Change form. When complete, forms should be emailed to our Entries Secretary.

Supporting Documents

There are various documents for use by, and of interest to, competitors.
Map of the course, Risk Assessment document, Safety Rules, Procedures and Instructions to Competitors, Welfare Statement, and Welfare Plan.

Felix Lane

This year we have access to the Felix Road Recreation ground. This is a good place for clubs and schools to set-up gazebos etc. We have booked several family amusements including; a bouncy castle, a bouncy slide, and a cup-and-saucer ride. Entrance is from Dudley Road, or from the riverbank. PLEASE NOTE: barbeques and naked flames are not permitted!

Timetable for W & W R Saturday 26th May 2012
Race Time Event No. Middlesex station No. Surrey station Next
108:15J15.2x73Bryanston Sch. Yeates74Christchurch Honeyman10:34
208:18J15.2x75Weybridge RC Pope76Whitgift School Kwon10:36
308:21J15.2x77Kingston GS Berrow78Walton Piddlesden10:36
408:24J15.2x79Kingston RC Worthington80Bewl Bridge Blanchard10:38
508:27J15.2x81Walton Henderson82Kingston GS Ahl10:38
608:30J15.2x83Walton Johnston84Weybridge RC Saloway10:40
708:33J15.2x85Molesey BC Harper86Kingston GS Kripalani10:40
808:36W.J14.4x+52Surbiton HS Morrison53Walton Catlin10:26
908:39W.J14.4x+55Tiffin Sch. Sivan56St Georges Col. Parker10:28
1008:42W.J14.4x+57St Georges Col. Minney58Tideway SS Brophy10:30
1108:45W.J14.4x+60Kingston RC Saba61Surbiton HS Gash10:32
1208:48W.J14.4x+62Molesey BC Butler63St Georges Col. Mason10:32
1308:51J14.4x+42Bryanston Sch. Grant43Tiffin Sch. Layt09:37
1408:54J14.4x+46St Georges Col. Youngblood-Costa47Walb & Tedd Schs Frost09:40
1508:57J14.4x+49Walton Stanhope50Charterhouse Chaldecott09:43
1608:59J14.1x110Christchurch Longman111Molesey BC Elliott09:52
1709:01J14.1x115Molesey BC Thew116Reading RC Shorland09:55
1809:04N.4+7Eastbourne Col. Barbour8Tiffin Associates Wood11:14
1909:07N.4+9Charterhouse Webb10Walton Bishop11:14
2009:10N.4+11Royal Holloway Needham12Eastbourne Col. Stevens11:17
2109:13Mas(E/G).4x-180Walton Everington (E)181Weybridge RC Cumpper (G)Final
2209:16W.N.4+15Lea RC Toman16Kingston GS A11:20
2309:19W.N.4+17Weybridge Ladies Field18Walbrook Sinton-Hewitt11:20
2409:22W.N.4+19Bryanston Sch. Matthews20Lea RC Jones11:23
2509:25W.N.4+21Kingston GS Waller4B22Kingston RC Headley11:23
2609:27N.1x24Walton Warren25Lea RC Joseph11:26
2709:29N.1x26Tiffin Sch. Teh27Charterhouse Sharpe11:29
2809:31N.1x28Surrey Uni Hopkins29Bryanston Sch. Gilchrist11:29
2909:34J14.4x+40St Georges Col. Jarvis41Kingston GS A11:50
3009:37J14.4x+42Bryanston Sch. Grant44Molesey BC Scannella11:50
3109:40J14.4x+45Bryanston Sch. Rhodes47Walb & Tedd Schs Frost11:52
3209:43J14.4x+48St Georges Col. Turner50Charterhouse Chaldecott11:52
3309:46J14.1x107Molesey BC Meadows108Christchurch Quinn12:02
3409:49J14.1x112Christchurch McCarthy113Tideway SS Anderson12:05
3509:52J14.1x109Charterhouse Malmstrom110Christchurch Longman12:02
3609:55J14.1x114Charterhouse Silva115Molesey BC Thew12:05
3709:58W.J15.2x88Surbiton HS Scott89Weybridge RC Cole11:32
3810:01W.J15.2x90Walton Traylen91Surbiton HS Kent11:35
3910:04W.J15.2x92Surbiton HS Toyn93Christchurch Clements11:35
4010:07W.J14.1x118Molesey BC Bowman119Christchurch Humphries11:44
4110:10W.J14.1x120Christchurch Booth121Molesey BC Evans11:47
4210:13W.J14.1x122Surbiton HS Anderson123Molesey BC Cassini11:47
4310:16J16.1x100Bryanston Sch. Bond101Christchurch Aldridge11:38
4410:19J16.1x103Tiffin Sch. Ellis104Eastbourne Col. Bensted-Smith11:41
4510:22J.2x67Molesey BC Keenes68Tiffin Sch. Harrison11:02
4610:24J13.2x97Tideway SS Gilmour98Kingston RC Christie11:08
4710:26W.J14.4x+51Weybridge RC Gaylard53Walton Catlin11:54
4810:28W.J14.4x+54Surbiton HS Williams56St Georges Col. Parker11:54
4910:30W.J14.4x+58Tideway SS Brophy59Tiffin Sch. Oppenheimer11:56
5010:32W.J14.4x+60Kingston RC Saba62Molesey BC Butler11:56
5110:34J15.2x72Kingston GS Kershaw73Bryanston Sch. Yeates11:58
5210:36J15.2x75Weybridge RC Pope77Kingston GS Berrow11:58
5310:38J15.2x80Bewl Bridge Blanchard81Walton Henderson12:00
5410:40J15.2x83Walton Johnston85Molesey BC Harper12:00
5510:43IM2.8o1Vesta VRC Whittle2Staines BC Donnison12:14
5610:46IM2.8o3Bryanston Sch. Rowe4St Georges Col. Mandolfo12:14
5710:49W.IM3.2x33Kingston RC Esterhuyse34Weybridge Ladies Johnson12:20
5810:52W.IM3.2x35Kingston RC Mayer36St Georges Col. Eacott12:20
5910:55IM3.2x31BTC (Southampton) Wardell32Surrey Uni O'Reilly12:17
6010:58J15.4+38Kingston GS Cave39Whitgift School Cook12:23
6111:00J.2x64Tiffin Sch. Beedham65Walton Appleby12:38
6211:02J.2x66Tideway SS Tait68Tiffin Sch. Harrison12:38
6311:05J13.2x94Walton Wedlake95Tideway SS Jonas12:44
6411:08J13.2x96Tiffin Sch. Ellis98Kingston RC Christie12:44
6511:11W.J.2x70Walton Ball71Kingston RC StansburyFinal
6611:14N.4+7Eastbourne Col. Barbour10Walton Bishop12:29
6711:17N.4+11Royal Holloway Needham14St Georges Col. Davies12:29
6811:20W.N.4+16Kingston GS A18Walbrook Sinton-Hewitt12:32
6911:23W.N.4+19Bryanston Sch. Matthews22Kingston RC Headley12:32
7011:26N.1x23Christchurch Gackstatter24Walton Warren12:35
7111:29N.1x26Tiffin Sch. Teh29Bryanston Sch. Gilchrist12:35
7211:32W.J15.2x87Surbiton HS Burdess89Weybridge RC Cole12:41
7311:35W.J15.2x91Surbiton HS Kent92Surbiton HS Toyn12:41
7411:38J16.1x99Charterhouse Figi101Christchurch Aldridge12:47
7511:41J16.1x102Walton Georgiou103Tiffin Sch. Ellis12:47
7611:44W.J14.1x117Molesey BC Naylor118Molesey BC Bowman12:50
7711:47W.J14.1x120Christchurch Booth122Surbiton HS Anderson12:50
7811:50J14.4x+40St Georges Col. Jarvis42Bryanston Sch. Grant12:53
7911:52J14.4x+47Walb & Tedd Schs Frost50Charterhouse Chaldecott12:53
8011:54W.J14.4x+53Walton Catlin54Surbiton HS Williams12:56
8111:56W.J14.4x+58Tideway SS Brophy60Kingston RC Saba12:56
8211:58J15.2x73Bryanston Sch. Yeates75Weybridge RC Pope12:59
8312:00J15.2x80Bewl Bridge Blanchard83Walton Johnston12:59
8412:02J14.1x107Molesey BC Meadows109Charterhouse Malmstrom13:02
8512:05J14.1x113Tideway SS Anderson115Molesey BC Thew13:02
8612:08W.IM2.8o5St Georges Col. Wilson6Molesey BC HughesFinal
8712:11W.J16.1x105Tiffin Sch. Patel106Walton DentFinal
8812:14IM2.8o1Vesta VRC Whittle3Bryanston Sch. RoweFinal
8912:17IM3.2x30Walbrook Yates32Surrey Uni O'ReillyFinal
9012:20W.IM3.2x33Kingston RC Esterhuyse35Kingston RC MayerFinal
9112:23J15.4+37Kingston GS Waters38Kingston GS CaveFinal
9212:26W.J.2x69Molesey BC Porteous70Walton BallFinal
9312:29N.4+10Walton Bishop14St Georges Col. DaviesFinal
9412:32W.N.4+16Kingston GS A22Kingston RC HeadleyFinal
9512:35N.1x24Walton Warren29Bryanston Sch. GilchristFinal
9612:38J.2x65Walton Appleby68Tiffin Sch. HarrisonFinal
9712:41W.J15.2x89Weybridge RC Cole91Surbiton HS KentFinal
9812:44J13.2x95Tideway SS Jonas98Kingston RC ChristieFinal
9912:47J16.1x101Christchurch Aldridge102Walton GeorgiouFinal
10012:50W.J14.1x118Molesey BC Bowman122Surbiton HS AndersonFinal
10112:53J14.4x+42Bryanston Sch. Grant50Charterhouse ChaldecottFinal
10212:56W.J14.4x+53Walton Catlin60Kingston RC SabaFinal
10312:59J15.2x75Weybridge RC Pope80Bewl Bridge BlanchardFinal
10413:02J14.1x109Charterhouse Malmstrom115Molesey BC ThewFinal
15013:06Inv.IM3.8+130Walton RC Bishop131Weybridge RC Foulkes00:00
15113:10Inv.IM3.8+132St Georges Col. Capel133Guildford RC00:00
15213:14Inv.W.IM3.8+134Weybridge RC Cole135Weybridge Ladies Mitchell00:00
15313:18Inv.W.IM3.8+136Walton RC Dent137St Georges Col. O'Carroll00:00
15413:22Inv.IM3.8+130Walton RC Bishop132St Georges Col. CapelFinal
15513:26Inv.IM3.8+131Weybridge RC Foulkes133Guildford RCFinal
15613:30Inv.W.IM3.8+134Weybridge RC Cole137St Georges Col. O'CarrollFinal
15713:34Inv.W.IM3.8+135Weybridge Ladies Mitchell136Walton RC DentFinal
20014:15J14.2x227Molesey BC Elliott228Charterhouse Chaldecott15:14
20114:18J14.2x230Christchurch Quinn231Tideway SS Phelan15:17
20214:21J14.2x233Molesey BC Wettach234Bryanston Sch. Haviland15:20
20314:24J14.2x236Tideway SS Beaud237Bryanston Sch. Grant15:23
20414:27J15.1x266Bryanston Sch. Vautier267Tiffin Sch. Drewett15:36
20514:29J14.8x+157Kingston GS B (Bern)158Whitgift School Hayes15:45
20614:32J14.8x+160Kingston GS A (Bridge)161St Georges Col. YoungbloodCosta15:48
20714:35W.J14.8x+163Molesey BC Bowman164LEH Gibbons15:51
20814:38W.J14.8x+166St Georges Col. Parker167Kingston RC Holt15:54
21014:44J15.4x+189St Georges Col. Russell190Weybridge RC Birch16:12
21114:47J15.4x+191Kingston RC Worthington192Molesey BC Phelps16:15
21214:50J15.4x+193Tiffin Sch. Santiano194Kingston GS Kershaw16:15
21314:53W.J15.4x+196Kingston RC Cockle197Surbiton HS Kent16:18
21414:56W.J15.4x+199Surbiton HS Webb200Weybridge RC Pickering16:21
21514:59N.2x204Walton Leavold205Charterhouse Sharpe16:27

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