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Timetable 2013

The draw for Walton & Weybridge Regatta 2013 took place on Sunday 26th May 2013.

The timetable is available in a spreadsheet format, this can be downloaded using the links below:
2013 draw timetable spreadsheet - Microsoft Excel 97,
2013 draw timetable spreadsheet - OpenDocument Spreadsheet, or
2013 draw timetable spreadsheet - pdf formats.


Crews not boating from Walton RC must arrange to collect their numbers well before their race times and have them affixed before they enter the Walton stretch. They will not be allowed to land their boats at the Walton landing stage to pick up numbers.

Any outstanding entry fees should be paid by cheque in favour of "Walton & Weybridge Regatta" and sent to The Entries Secretary, WWR, 32 Holme Chase, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0BZ or handed in at Regatta Control when registering.

If you have any questions or queries about the Draw, please e-mail our Entries Secretary. Thanks!

Crew Changes

BROE will be open for crew substitutions (50% rule) until Thursday evening. If you wish to make any changes to crews thereafter then please use our Crew Change form and hand this in to Regatta Control when registering.

Supporting Documents

There are various documents for use by, and of interest to, competitors.
Course Map - Acrobat, Safety Rules, Procedures and Instructions to Competitors - Acrobat, Welfare Plan - Acrobat, Welfare Statement - Acrobat, and Risk Assessment - Adobe Acrobat.

Arriving at the regatta

Trailers should be driven to the trailer park at the end of Sunbury Lane opposite Walton Rowing Club. There is very limited parking along or near Sunbury Lane so please park at Dudley Road Recreation Park - please view location on OpenStreetMap to open up a map which shows where Dudley Road is; proceed to the end of the road and turn right into the park.

PLEASE NOTE: barbeques and naked flames are not permitted!

Timetable for W & W R Saturday 1st June 2013
Race Time Event No. Middlesex station No. Surrey station Next
108:15J15.2x23Charterhouse Sch BC (Murrell)19Kingston RC (Woods)09:03
208:19J15.2x18Burway RC17Weybridge RC09:06
308:23J15.2x22Staines (Jesty)15Kingston RC (Hayes)09:09
408:27W.J15.2x54Walton RC53Thames RC (Gallagher)09:18
508:31W.J15.2x49Weybridge RC51Kingston RC09:21
608:35J16.1x68Thames RC (Norey)75Walton RC (O Callaghan)09:33
708:38NOV.1x6St Georges Coll (Vardal)9Charterhouse Sch BC (Ashworth)10:55
808:41NOV.1x10Walton RC (Tolley)7Eastbourne Coll (Bensted-Smith)11:01
908:44NOV.1x12Christchurch RC (Marais)11Windsor Boys Sch (Allder)11:01
1008:48J14.4x+31Bryanston Sch (Young)30Walbrook Ted Schs11:10
1108:52J14.4x+28Bryanston Sch (Folkes)32Weybridge RC11:13
1208:56J14.4x+29Bryanston Sch (Hills)41Walton RC (Cuff)11:13
1309:00J15.2x20Windsor Boys Sch14Walton RC11:19
1409:03J15.2x Winner Race 113Staines (Blanchfield)11:19
1509:06J15.2x16Charterhouse Sch BC (Puckett) Winner Race 211:25
1609:09J15.2x21Christchurch RC Winner Race 311:25
1709:12W.J15.2x57Tyrian Club50Christchurch RC (Humphries)11:28
1809:15W.J15.2x56Weybridge Ladies55Thames RC (Ball)11:31
1909:18W.J15.2x58Christchurch RC (White) Winner Race 411:28
2009:21W.J15.2x52Christchurch RC (Wood Power) Winner Race 511:31
2109:24J16.1x67Christchurch RC (van der Heijden)72Thames RC (Bird)11:22
2209:27J16.1x71Charterhouse Sch BC (Figi)70Tyrian Club (Norris)11:22
2309:30J16.1x73Staines (Punter)69Weybridge RC (Brisco)10:49
2409:33J16.1x74Tyrian Club (Sharif) Winner Race 610:49
2509:36W.J14.1x81Burway RC (Gray)83Thames RC (Martin)10:58
2609:39W.J14.1x82Staines (Webb)86Christchurch RC (Booth)11:04
2709:42J14.1x88Staines (Abdel-Halim)92Thames RC (Lenders)11:07
2809:45J.2x37Walton RC36Kingston RC11:58
2909:48J14.1x90Burway RC (Connop)89Thames RC (Turnbull)11:16
3009:52NOV.4+5Eastbourne Coll (Fishwick)2Staines10:31
3109:56W.J14.4x+46Surbiton H Sch (Heap)48Surbiton H Sch (Davies)12:01
3210:00W.J16.1x64Weybridge RC (Pickering)66Staines (Tench)10:37
3310:04W.J14.4x+45Walton RC47Surbiton H Sch (Cope)12:01
3410:07W.IM3.2x112Staines (Burrows)110Weybridge RC (Maund)11:34
3510:10W.IM3.2x109Molesey BC111Weybridge RC (Klaka)11:34
3610:13IM1.2x94St Georges Coll (Doble)93St Georges Coll (Hertzog)12:07
3710:16IM3.2x25Windsor Boys Sch (Davies)27Windsor Boys Sch (Linnell)11:52
3810:19IM1.2x95St Georges Coll (Ewart)96St Georges Coll (Simmons)12:07
3910:22IM3.2x26Windsor Boys Sch (Player)24Eton Excelsior11:52
4010:25NOV.4+4Exeter Univ1Eastbourne Coll (Bensted-Smith)12:16
4110:28J.2x38Charterhouse Sch BC39Tyrian Club11:58
4210:31NOV.4+3Royal Holloway Univ Winner Race 3012:16
4310:34W.J16.1x63Christchurch RC (Young)62Weybridge RC (Cole)12:25
4410:37W.J16.1x65Christchurch RC (Cordery) Winner Race 3212:25
4510:40J13.2x34Cranmore Sch Jrn35Thames RC11:55
4610:43W.NOV.4+61Royal Holloway Univ59Kingston RC12:04
4710:46J16.4x-102Weybridge RC100Windsor Boys Sch (Vacher)12:10
4810:49J16.1x Winner Race 23 Winner Race 2412:40
4910:52W.J13.2x104Weybridge RC105Kingston RC12:13
5010:55NOV.1x8Christchurch RC (Mojasevic) Winner Race 712:19
5110:58W.J14.1x84Staines (Mason) Winner Race 2512:28
5211:01NOV.1x0Winner Race 8 Winner Race 912:19
5311:04W.J14.1x85Thames RC (Knight) Winner Race 2612:28
5411:07J14.1x91Walton RC (Christie) Winner Race 2712:31
5511:10J14.4x+40Walton RC (Cleary) Winner Race 1012:22
5611:13J14.4x+ Winner Race 11 Winner Race 1212:22
5711:16J14.1x87Walton RC (Mohamadzade) Winner Race 2912:31
5811:19J15.2x Winner Race 13 Winner Race 1412:34
5911:22J16.1x Winner Race 21 Winner Race 2212:40
6011:25J15.2x Winner Race 15 Winner Race 1612:34
6111:28W.J15.2x Winner Race 17 Winner Race 1912:37
6211:31W.J15.2x Winner Race 18 Winner Race 2012:37
6311:34W.IM3.2x Winner Race 34 Winner Race 35Final
6411:37Mas.NOV.4+42Met Police43Walton RCFinal
6511:40W.NOV.1x77Weybridge RC (Jenkins)76Weybridge RC (Foulkes)Final
6611:43W.J16.4x-80Kingston RC79StainesFinal
6711:46Mas(F/G).4-99) Weybridge RC (MasG)98) Walbrook (MasF)Final
6811:49Mas(D).4x-107Walton RC (Groom)(MasD)108Walton RC (Bishop)(MasD)Final
6911:52IM3.2x Winner Race 37 Winner Race 39Final
7011:55J13.2x33Walton RC Winner Race 45Final
7111:58J.2x Winner Race 41 Winner Race 28Final
7212:01W.J14.4x+ Winner Race 31 Winner Race 33Final
7312:04W.NOV.4+60Weybridge Ladies Winner Race 46Final
7412:07IM1.2x Winner Race 36 Winner Race 38Final
7512:10J16.4x-101Windsor Boys Sch (Brogan) Winner Race 47Final
7612:13W.J13.2x106Staines Winner Race 49Final
7712:16NOV.4+ Winner Race 40 Winner Race 42Final
7812:19NOV.1x Winner Race 50 Winner Race 52Final
7912:22J14.4x+0Winner Race 55 Winner Race 56Final
8012:25W.J16.1x0Winner Race 43 Winner Race 44Final
8112:28W.J14.1x Winner Race 51 Winner Race 53Final
8212:31J14.1x Winner Race 54 Winner Race 57Final
8312:34J15.2x Winner Race 58 Winner Race 60Final
8412:37W.J15.2x Winner Race 61 Winner Race 62Final
8512:40J16.1x Winner Race 59 Winner Race 48Final
9013:00W.IM3.8+113Weybridge RC (Skinner)114Walton RC13:16
9113:04W.IM3.8+115Weybridge RC (Ollis)116St Georges Coll13:16
9213:08IM3.8+118Weybridge RC119St Georges Coll13:20
9313:16W.IM3.8+ Winner Race 90 Winner Race 91Final
9413:20IM3.8+117Walton RC Winner Race 92Final
10013:40W.J14.2x139Kingston RC (Bate)141Surbiton H Sch (Magee)15:12
10113:43W.J14.2x138Surbiton H Sch (Dean)133Thames RC15:15
10213:46W.J14.2x131Surbiton H Sch (Mcinally)137Kingston RC (Stevens)15:18
10313:49W.J14.2x136Surbiton H Sch (Mackenzie)130Kingston RC (Griffiths)15:21
10413:52W.J14.2x135Surbiton H Sch (Davies)142Walton RC (Akguneyli)15:21
10513:55J15.1x189Christchurch RC (Quinn)192Thames RC (Kudryashov)15:24
10613:58J15.1x185Windsor Boys Sch (Oliver)186Walton RC (Harris)15:27
10714:01J15.1x195Walton RC (Hassan)187Windsor Boys Sch (Linnell)15:30
10814:04J15.1x191Christchurch RC (Longman)188Windsor Boys Sch (Davies)15:33
10914:07J15.1x190Walton RC (Birt)184Windsor Boys Sch (Laws)15:33
11014:10J14.2x204Tyrian Club201Weybridge RC14:54
11114:13W.J15.1x150Christchurch RC (Robinson)151Thames RC (Forde)16:32
11214:16W.J15.1x148Weybridge RC (Gaylard)147Thames RC (Hodgkin)16:32
11314:19W.J15.1x149Thames RC (Havelock-Allan)153Weybridge RC (Fraser)16:35
11414:22W.J15.1x152Christchurch RC (Cole)154Kingston RC (Saba)16:35
11514:25J.1x159Thames RC (Sevigen)162Weybridge RC (Foulkes)16:38
11614:28J.1x158Weybridge RC (Stewart)163Charterhouse Sch BC (Mahalski)16:41
11714:31J.1x164Windsor Boys Sch (White)161Thames RC (Bird)16:41
11814:34J15.4x+181Weybridge RC178Charterhouse Sch BC (Lee)16:51
11914:38J15.4x+179Staines182Charterhouse Sch BC (Adams)16:55
12014:42J15.4x+177Windsor Boys Sch (Patel)180Kingston RC16:55
12114:45J14.2x200Thames RC (Ellison)198Christchurch RC (Dixon)16:58
12214:48J14.2x202Walton RC199Walbrook Ted Schs (Ling)16:58
12314:51J14.2x206Walbrook Ted Schs (Fillingham)203Thames RC (Kelly)17:01
12414:54J14.2x205Christchurch RC (Cavill) Winner Race 11017:01
12514:57J16.2x125Windsor Boys Sch (Hunter)127Tyrian Club16:26
12615:00J16.2x128Windsor Boys Sch (Smith)126Thames RC16:29
12715:03NOV.2x168Eton Excelsior169St Georges Coll (Simmons)16:44
12815:06NOV.2x166St Georges Coll (Hertzog)167Brunel Univ16:47
12915:09W.Mas(C/D).2x240Walton RC (Johnston)(MasD)174Staines (MasC)16:03
13015:12W.J14.2x134Walton RC (Coleshill) Winner Race 10017:04
13115:15W.J14.2x132Staines Winner Race 10117:04
13215:18W.J14.2x Winner Race 102140Surbiton H Sch (Hay)17:07
13315:21W.J14.2x Winner Race 103 Winner Race 10417:07
13415:24J15.1x194Windsor Boys Sch (Laws) Winner Race 10517:10
13515:27J15.1x193Christchurch RC (van der Heijden) Winner Race 10617:10
13615:30J15.1x Winner Race 107196Windsor Boys Sch (Player)17:13
13715:33J15.1x Winner Race 108 Winner Race 10917:13
13815:36IM1.1x213St Georges Coll (Stracey)212St Georges Coll (Tveit)17:55
13915:39IM1.1x214St Georges Coll (Asher)215St Georges Coll (Lauber)17:55
14015:42IM3.4+224Eton Excelsior225Royal Holloway Univ17:58
14115:45IM3.4+223Walton RC222Met Police17:58
14215:48Mas(E).1x233Molesey BC (Thompson)(MasE)230Weybridge RC (Gregory)(MasE)18:04
14315:51Mas(E).1x231Molesey BC (Raspin)(MasE)232Weybridge RC (Thomas)(MasE)18:04
14415:54Mas(C/D).2x235Weybridge RC (MasC)237Walton RC (Groom)(MasD)18:07
14515:57Mas(C/D).2x234Walton RC (Gathercole)(MasD)236Walton RC (Johnston)(MasD)18:07
14616:00W.Mas(C/D).2x239Walton RC (Reilly)(MasC)238Molesey BC (MasC)18:25
14716:03W.Mas(C/D).2x241Walbrook (MasD) Winner Race 12918:25
14816:06W.NOV.2x120Molesey BC121Weybridge RC (Jenkins)17:36
14916:09Mas.NOV.2x146Weybridge RC (Csiki)145Walton RC17:40
15016:13J13.4x+156Weybridge RC155Walton RC (Birt)17:44
15116:17W.NOV.8+207Molesey BC209Exeter Univ17:48
15216:20IM3.1x242Molesey BC (Taylor)210Staines (Tollett)17:52
15316:23Mas(F/G).1x227Weybridge RC (Dodds)(MasF)228Molesey BC (Parker)(MasG)18:01
15416:26J16.2x129Weybridge RC Winner Race 12518:10
15516:29J16.2x124Windsor Boys Sch (Tennant) Winner Race 12618:10
15616:32W.J15.1x Winner Race 111 Winner Race 11218:13
15716:35W.J15.1x Winner Race 113 Winner Race 11418:13
15816:38J.1x160Weybridge RC (Pope) Winner Race 11518:16
15916:41J.1x Winner Race 116 Winner Race 11718:16
16016:44NOV.2x165Weybridge RC Winner Race 12718:19
16116:47NOV.2x170Charterhouse Sch BC Winner Race 12818:19
16216:51J15.4x+183Windsor Boys Sch (Sturch) Winner Race 11818:22
16316:55J15.4x+ Winner Race 119 Winner Race 12018:22
16416:58J14.2x Winner Race 121 Winner Race 12218:34
16517:01J14.2x Winner Race 123 Winner Race 12418:34
16617:04W.J14.2x Winner Race 130 Winner Race 13118:28
16717:07W.J14.2x Winner Race 132 Winner Race 13318:28
16817:10J15.1x Winner Race 134 Winner Race 13518:31
16917:13J15.1x Winner Race 136 Winner Race 13518:31
17017:16W.J16.2x171Christchurch RC172Weybridge RCFinal
17117:20W.J15.4x+175Christchurch RC (Locke)176Christchurch RC (Browning)Final
17217:24W.IM3.1x216Burway RC (Whyte)217Molesey BC (Delvalle)Final
17317:28IM1.4-219Walbrook218Walton RCFinal
17417:32NOV.8+220Kingston RC221Walton RCFinal
17517:36W.NOV.2x122Weybridge RC (Tate) Winner Race 148Final
17617:40Mas.NOV.2x144Weybridge RC (Gowland) Winner Race 149Final
17717:44J13.4x+157Walton RC (Burova) Winner Race 150Final
17817:48W.NOV.8+208Walton RC Winner Race 151Final
17917:52IM3.1x211Charterhouse Sch BC (Saleem) Winner Race 152Final
18017:55IM1.1x Winner Race 138 Winner Race 139Final
18117:58IM3.4+ Winner Race 140 Winner Race 141Final
18218:01Mas(F/G).1x226Molesey BC (Gardiner)(MasG) Winner Race 153Final
18318:04Mas(E).1x Winner Race 142 Winner Race 143Final
18418:07Mas(C/D).2x Winner Race 144 Winner Race 145Final
18518:10J16.2x Winner Race 154 Winner Race 155Final
18618:13W.J15.1x Winner Race 156 Winner Race 157Final
18718:16J.1x Winner Race 158 Winner Race 159Final
18818:19NOV.2x Winner Race 160 Winner Race 161Final
18918:22J15.4x+ Winner Race 162 Winner Race 163Final
19018:25W.Mas(C/D).2x Winner Race 146 Winner Race 147Final
19118:28W.J14.2x Winner Race 166 Winner Race 167Final
19218:31J15.1x Winner Race 168 Winner Race 169Final
19318:34J14.2x Winner Race 164 Winner Race 165Final

A textual version of the "timetable" or schedule of the draw can be downloaded using the links below:
2013 draw timetable - Microsoft Word 97,
2012 draw timetable - pdf formats.

The "OpenDocument" formats above can be opened and edited using the free OpenOffice suite available from

The Adobe Acrobat viewer can be downloaded by clicking the following link. Download Acrobat reader from Adobe web site.